What the meaning of encrypted wallet?

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Many wallets are available, but the best is few.
I will give you 12 best crypto wallet to keep your money save in 2020.
before I give you the wallets, you have to know what it is. The Best Crypto wallet to keep your money save in 2020 (10 wallets)
what is the Crypto wallet?
Crypto wallet is a wallet that allows you to keep your cryptocurrencies safe, and there are several types of wallets available:online wallets desktop wallet (offline)mobile wallet (offline)wallets can maintain all types of cryptocurrencies, and the common cryptocurrencies that are supported:Bitcoin (BTC)one BTC = More than $7000Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Lite coin There are many other not as well-known as those.

Why cryptocurrencies are the best way to save money? 
Are electronic currencies that do not have a physical presence (available via the Internet only). You can also start investing through it. It is easy to handle and send from one place to another, and provides security in online transactions and is difficult to penetrate. You can also convert them to real currencies such as dollars, and most sites on the Internet accept payment in these currencies.

How does the Crypto wallet work? 
When you register at a website, you will be given a wallet per a currency (if it supports more than one cryptocurrency).each wallet has its own address and always starts with One or 3. The wallet address is the one you used to send currencies to or from the wallet. The address of the wallet is too long, and you cannot save it in your mind and you have the ability to change the address (this is why it is a safe way to buy and sell).to receive bitcoins.