Comprehensive Insurance Guide

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This article is about life and property insurance. 

The subject of life and property insurance is a very serious and important subject, although many people view it as a waste of money and time. 

On the contrary, life and property insurance is one of the most serious and important things for everyone, such as health care.

 To name a few, I have written this topic specifically to show you how important life and property insurance is in all our lives..

And because the subject is big and complex and needs to be explained thoroughly so that it is easy for those who read it to understand it well

 I have divided and organized the topic for chapters so that you can read the topic as understandably as possible.

And in order to understand it more, read it as you're the one who's insured..


1 = introduction

2 = When/in case you already have life or property insurance

3 = Different types of insurance companies and policies

4 = definition of comprehensive   medical examination checkup, examination

5 = What is the difference between the term insurance agent and the term insurance broker

6 = Definition of the meaning of motorcycle insurance and different types of insurance riders

1) General life insurance :

It is an agreement between you and the insurance company and this agreement is drafted in the form of a document or a contract between you and the insurance company.

 Under this contract, you, as a first party to the contract, will commit to pay a monthly or annual amount.

The insurance company is called the insurance premium, and in return you will get interest from the insurance company, and the insurance company will be committed as a second party to the insurance contract.

 Pay the full interest if the payment maturity requirement is met

For the person specified in the contract called (beneficiary) and there is a requirement to pay the insurance interest in the event of death 

Interest-rate insurance companies release several terms such as interest bonus or the value of the policy amount.)

The premium and insurance interest are determined based on the policies of the insurance company and based on your financial and health conditions.

 And your ability to pay the premium without affecting your income.

These matters are identified and discussed appropriately for you with your insurance agent or insurance broker..

And when you think about the insurance contract, everyone will have a different point of view. 

Others may not find it suitable for him.

And that he may be betting on his life and death, and some of this betting may be in the same place.

 Except in rare cases, such as cancer patients.

Doctors determine the time period that remains in his life fairly accurate, while the majority of people are not known specifically when and when he died.

That's what makes the idea of insurance seem like a lot of people that it's an unsecured bet and that it's going to pay the insurance company for a period that might be too long. 

Some may think that he will be the loser in this unsecured bet and that the insurance company may be the sole beneficiary of the insurance contract.

 But let's stop here for a moment and think deeply and seriously about it and give some of the ideals and motivations that make you enter into an insurance contract as soon as possible.

In some cases, the death of some people is a major shock to their loved ones and those close to them, on the one hand, and on the other hand, those close to them may be like husbands and children.

They depend on you financially entirely for their livelihood, and you're their only source of income, and your parents may suddenly cut off that income, and without introductions, imagine what they're going to be like.

Of course, they're going to be totally deplorable and miserable, and your death is a devastating physical and moral destruction of your loved ones.

It's something you don't want to happen to your loved ones in general, and of course you don't want it to happen to them if you're going to die in particular..

If you can conclude a good contract with an insurance company so that you pay a large sum of money to your loved ones in the event of your death, you will be very comfortable with your loved ones and children in the event of your death.

They will be able to live at the same standard of living as they have in your life, and their financial circumstances will remain stable after the policy is disbursed.

 Their grief over your death will be enough for them as a moral sadness that heals his wounds over time, instead of adding material grief and total destruction to them for life..

2) In case you already have life or property insurance:

There are two very important things you should take care of in case you have life insurance.

The first thing is the person, organization or company that benefits from the insurance bonus, you should review it every once in a while.

 Since you may have entered into a contract for someone to benefit from the insurance policy

And after a while, you find out he's an untrustworthy person, he's not entitled to an insurance bonus, and there's someone more loyal to you who deserves it, and that's a matter of relative importance. 

There may be other reasons to change the name of the beneficiary of the policy, such as the death of the person you have identified as the beneficiary of the policy in the contract. 

And there are many reasons to change the name of the beneficiary in the insurance contract

The reasons vary from person to person, but the point here is that you have to remain vigilant that the person benefiting from the policy is the right person.

Second: You should constantly review the policies of all insurance companies and make sure that you have entered into an insurance contract with the company you benefit from as much as possible.

And that the company you contracted provides you with the best terms, the best premium you pay and the best insurance bonus compared to other insurance companies..

3) Different types of insurance companies and their policies:

Insurance companies are divided into two main categories: temporary insurance companies and permanent insurance companies.

Each of these categories is divided into two categories, and the following is a complete explanation of each of the categories and the categories that are part of them. 

In order to have a complete and clear picture you can make a decision to contract with the best types of insurance companies according to your circumstances and requirements.

Category of temporary insurance companies: You are offered a contract which is a temporary document that provides payment to the beneficiary in one case and is when the insured dies only 

And that's done only within a specified time period, not before or after that period..

This category of insurance companies is usually more accessible in medical procedures and examinations.

For these reasons, temporary insurance companies are less expensive in the monthly amount they pay and this is one of the most important advantages of temporary insurance companies.

But one of its disadvantages is that the amount of the insurance policy that is paid to you when the payment maturity requirement is available, for example, is less than permanent insurance..

This type of category can be converted into the category of permanent insurance companies without any complications in the procedures and this is another wonderful feature of this type of insurance company.

The monthly installments you pay are fixed in this category and it is recommended for this type of insurance for the owners of companies, associations and various activities..

Category of permanent insurance companies: As is clear from his name, the validity of this type of insurance is for the duration of the life of the insured.

 In this type of insurance company also a fixed amount is paid but with a small increase each long period of time and one of the most wonderful features of this type of insurance is added interest 

For the total amount you paid to the company, this is called the accumulation of the cash value of the total insurance amount.

You can also withdraw the amount at any time after the total amount has grown after the interest has been added to it for the duration of its stay in the company, the longer you withdraw the amount after a longer period. 

The higher the benefits, the more permanent insurance is suitable for people who have the ability to pay the monthly premium without having any financial problems. .

This type of insurance is suitable for people who want their loved ones to spend a high insurance policy..

Permanent and temporary life insurance categories are divided into several subsections that will be listed for you below.:

One-in-one insurance: It is a full life insurance and in this type of insurance a one-year premium is paid and profits are calculated to be added to this amount.

And this type of insurance, of course, the longer the amount paid to the company, the greater the benefits and the longer the amount.

 The more and greater its benefits, the greater the benefits.

Co-insurance: It is a full life insurance as we explained at the beginning of the topic but it is done by sharing shares in the insurance company and your profits are

On the shares you bought, it's not a fixed profit like previous insurance, but your profits are in this type of insurance company.

 This type of insurance is very similar to the stock market..

Fixed payment: This type of insurance is a full life insurance that is paid for every time

 It is determined either annually or every two, three, four or 10 years and you are free to choose how long you want to pay the premium as appropriate for your circumstances.

 The more time the premium period, the higher the premium amount you pay.

Comprehensive Life Insurance: In this type of insurance, one amount is paid and a fixed value is determined for the total amount to be paid to the beneficiary of the policy..

Full Indexed Life Insurance: The growth rate of your insurance amount in the insurance company is linked to a specified percentage 

The percentage is determined by a certain financial performance rate of the company..

Variable Insurance: It is a complete life insurance that is affiliated with a particular investment account in the insurance company of your choice and your rate of profit in the insurance amount

 Follow the profits of the investment account that you contracted with the company accordingly.

Dual life-changing insurance: a combination of variable insurance and profit-related insurance, and this type of insurance is highly flexible..

This type of insurance contracts two people with the company and not one person and the insurance policy is not paid in full until after the two people have died

 It is not permissible to pay the amount of insurance in the event of the death of one person and this type of insurance is recommended for people with high wealth

 For those who want the beneficiary of the policy to receive a large lump sum.

4)Definition of comprehensive   medical examination checkup, examination:

This section is for a comprehensive medical examination of the person applying for an insurance policy from the insurance company.

 The purpose of the medical examinations is to determine the condition of the person and based on the state of health is determined the type and insurance policies that suit him from different types of insurance and what does not suit him.

Medical examination is a basic procedure in all insurance companies and in most different types and insurance systems. The medical examination of the owner of the insurance policy is carried out through

Licensed medical specialists from insurance companies who examine specific examinations of the applicant

 It's a medical check-up for insurance companies, not just a comprehensive medical check-up..

The medical examination is done either at the insurance company or through a representative who visits the person at home and if you want to increase or decrease your insurance premiums

 For any health reasons other than those specified by your insurance company's medical examiner, you should ask him to determine whether this is appropriate for you according to your health condition or not..

To facilitate your medical examination procedures, you can use your insurance agent to advise you on these facilities..

The higher the amount of the insurance policy in your contract, the more medical examination makes sure you are in good health and you don't have any heart disease.

Or any defect in any of the important internal organs such as kidneys, lungs, bladder, liver, pancreas and colossum suppalone and must be made sure through a medical examination that the person is in a healthy condition

Very excellent and the presence of any defect or deficiency in the functions of any vital organ in the body may result in a significant reduction in the amount of the total insurance policy or an increase in the monthly premium amount from the usual.

What the medical examiners are basically looking for is the following::

- Cholesterol and fat in the blood

- Hepatitis C and the proportion of antibodies.

- Condition of kidney and liver function

- Diabetes or not

- Determining a person's immunity is normal or has immune disorders. 

- Determining the state of the prostate is normal or has a specific   prostate antigen disease (PSA)

- Are there drugs in the blood or not, such as hashish, cocaine, max and heroin, and if you find a precise blood rate.

Post-medical examination: 

Medical test results: After all medical examinations are completed in full, the insurance company is sent for a thorough review by specialized staff who verify the authenticity of these

Medical tests are complete and there is no replacement or deficiency.

And these tests are very important because through them the specialists review them based on the determination of the value of the premium will be high in a large percentage or low value

A large percentage and the state of health that will be determined by medical examinations will determine the premium rate as well..

 To name but a few, the person whose medical tests show he has a high nicotine rate, which means he's a smoker, is reason enough to increase the premium he's going to pay the company..

In some cases, the application for an insurance policy is rejected in case medical tests show that the person has serious illnesses and severe deterioration in his health condition..

5) What is the difference between the term insurance agent and the term insurance broker?:

First, the insurance agent is a salesman, a marketer or a broker who brings customers to sign an insurance contract with insurance companies in exchange for a material percentage of the insurance contract..

He is not officially affiliated with a specific insurance company, but he acts as a free sales marketer at a specified percentage of each insurance contract that is contracted through it and the insurance agent's advantage is that he gives you constantly.

the best offers in different insurance companies because by the nature of his work he is constantly familiar with the policies of different insurance companies

 Through it, the contract can be easily transferred from an insurance company to another insurance company..

The only drawback of the insurance agent is that the insurance companies don't have control over it, as they may receive more money from you than you might have to pay.

 Or he could take money from you without doing the job he's required to do because he's working freely and not under the control of a specific insurance company. 

The insurance companies' laws apply to him only in relation to their proportion of each contract through which only.

Therefore, you should be careful in choosing an insurance agent and make sure to choose an insurance agent who is known to be trusted and trusted among his clients..

Secondly insurance broker: The insurance broker is an employee of the insurance company who is responsible for contracting with you and continues to follow with you all dealings, consultations and procedures

 In terms of the insurance contract

And there's a third category, and they're insurance consultants, and they're like lawyers.

 Useful legal procedures, advice and loopholes that you should follow in your dealings with insurance companies

6)Defining the meaning of insurance bikes and different types of insurance riders:

 it is an additional feature phrase to be added and mixed with the type of insurance that you contracted with the company accordingly 

And that extra feature is very important.

This addition is several types and not one type of riders and here are the most important types of riders:

Cyclist with Sudden   Death Benefits (AD & D): An additional amount of value added to the total amount of insurance in the event of death in an accident and this type of insurance

Suitable for people who work in hazardous areas and suitable for people who travel a lot, not provided that this type of life insurance is added

 For another type, you can contract with the insurance company for this type of cyclist, it's valid as full life insurance independently..

Accidental death bike and cyclist lost or maimed a member: it is like the previous type of insurance but it is more permissible for the beneficiary of the insurance policy 

The disbursement of the policy in case of settling or only one of its members such as loss of eye or a party and this type of insurance is very suitable for people with dangerous manual occupations.

Disabled cyclist: In this type of cyclist you get a monthly income if you are completely and permanently disabled 

And the amount you'll get will be less if the disability isn't permanent..

Bicycle Guarantee full life insurance: This type of cyclist is a phrase that you can add extra amounts to the total insurance amount over certain periods of time

 Suit your circumstances and your ability to pay the premium amount for this type of cyclist and the advantage of this cyclist if you wish to ensure that the beneficiary receives the insurance policy

 As much as you can..

Bicycle Policy Level: This cyclist is the addition of a fixed additional amount of temporary life insurance to the total amount of the insurance policy 

This cyclist may double the total amount of the insurance policy by three, four or five times the original amount due for the policy..

Cyclist waiving original insurance: This cyclist means that if you are a contractor with the company based on this type of cyclist and you have an accident

 Resulting in your disability from work and earning a financial income that saves you the living will be exempt from paying the premiums for life in addition to receiving all the original insurance benefits in full without any decrease

 And you get the full value of the insurance policy.. 

Temporary Family Income Bike: This type of cyclist makes the insurance company pay your family a certain material income within a specified period of time.

Accidental death pension bike: In case you have been diagnosed with a very serious illness, you will be entitled to an amount of the original amount of insurance.

 Ranging from 25-40% of the total amount you owe in your policy.

Long-term care: This feature is provided by insurance companies to people whose circumstances have forced them to stay at home or stay in a nursing home

 Through this feature, insurance companies offer a monthly salary for life. Note that the advantage of this cyclist can be purchased independently

 Without having to be attached to any of the life insurance systems.

I hope that I have succeeded in explaining the topic in short and simplifying it so that everyone who reads it understands it easily and to get to know easily the procedures, types and importance of insurance of all kinds and policies in general.

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